Usa hockey referee seminar

How do you become a US hockey referee?

ANNUAL OFFICIATING MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS Must complete online Membership Registration. Must submit Registration Fee ($45.00 + applicable Affiliate Fee) Must attain an Open Book Exam score of 35/50 (or higher) Must attend and complete a Level 1 Officiating Classroom Seminar sanctioned by USA Hockey .

How much do USA Hockey refs make?

The typical USA Hockey Referee makes $30 per hour. Referee hourly pay at USA Hockey can range from $20 – $52.

Where does the USA Hockey Referee patch go?

(c) All On-Ice Officials shall wear black trousers and an official sweater with the current USA Hockey officiating crest on the left chest of the sweater during all games. Any other crest that is worn must be located on either arm of the sweater. The wearing of nameplates shall be regulated by each League.

How old do you have to be to be a USA Hockey referee?

Is there a minimum age to start officiating ? USA Hockey has no minimum or maximum ages for officials. It is highly recommended that officials not work games of their own age classification or higher, regardless of level attained. Generally, officials can successfully officiate as young as age ten years- old .

How long does it take to become an NHL referee?

The process of becoming a hockey referee does not even take one year! You can get started now, and should be able to start officiating 12 and under hockey games within a few months. In order to be chosen as an NHL referee , you need to be a highly professional skater and athlete.

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How much money do youth hockey referees make?

Referees who officiate youth and recreational hockey leagues get paid between $30 and $75 per game, which usually runs over a 75-minute ice time. These referees can make their job more worthwhile by officiating multiple games in the same day, however.

How much does an OHL referee make?

So how much do these top officials make per season? Well according to data collected from several seasons ago, estimated salaries for linesmen fall between $110k to $235k per season, while referees can expect to get paid between $165k to $360k.

Do NHL referees travel?

Referees and linesmen have individual schedules, rarely working consecutive games with the same crew members. The travel can be a burden, no matter how accustomed you are to it, Devorski said. “For me personally, I like traveling on my own,” he said. “I’m on my own schedule and I prefer that.

Do hockey refs wear pads?

Per the National Hockey League Official’s Association website: They are protected by pads that cover the shins, calf muscles, knees, hips, thighs, hamstrings, elbows, lower back, and kidneys. Some officials also wear flak jackets to protect the rib cage and torso.

What is a Level 1 referee?

Level 2 Referee – aimed at referees of junior to senior adult levels matches. · Level 1 Referee – aimed at referees of top- level state or national level matches. Before registering for a Level 4 Referee course you need to complete the online Laws of the Game module.

When can you use your hands in hockey?

(b) A player or goalkeeper shall not be allowed to “bat” the puck in the air, or push it along the ice with his hand , directly to a teammate unless the “ hand pass” has been initiated and completed in his defending zone, in which case play shall be allowed to continue.

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What age can you start refereeing hockey?

Officially, USA Hockey doesn’t have a minimum age for officials. It’s usually recommended that officials don’t work games of their own age or higher. USA Hockey notes that officials as young as ten years- old have successfully officiated in their program.

How much time does the visiting team have to change their players during a stoppage of play?

five seconds

How many officials are there in hockey?


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