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Who are the top 10 goal scorers in the NHL?

Skater Records Wayne Gretzky . EDM, LAK, STL, NYR. 1,487. Gordie Howe . DET, HFD. 1,767. Jaromir Jagr . PIT, WSH, NYR, PHI, DAL, BOS, NJD, FLA, CGY. 1,733. Brett Hull. CGY, STL, DAL, DET, PHX. 1,269. Marcel Dionne. DET, LAK, NYR. 1,348. Phil Esposito. CHI, BOS, NYR. 1,282. Mike Gartner. WSH, MNS, NYR, TOR, PHX. 1,432. Alex Ovechkin. WSH. 1,152.

Who scored the greatest goal in NHL history?

Bobby Orr’s

What are 4 goals in hockey called?

From Urban Dictionary: “A pants trick is the best term for when a player scores four goals in a hockey game. The term was invented by the 9 year old nephew of Doug Stolhand, one of the hosts of the excellent Puck Podcast. When a player gets a hat trick (three goals ) you throw your hat on the ice .

What is the most goals in a hockey game?

The most goals scored by a National Hockey League team in a single match is 16, by the Montreal Canadiens in their 16-3 victory over the Quebec Bulldogs on 3 March 1920.

Who has the most goals in 2020?

With the race well and truly under way, Goal tallies up all the top goalscorers from across Europe’s top leagues in 2019-20 #1 Ciro Immobile | Lazio | 36 goals (72) #2 Robert Lewandowski | Bayern Munich | 34 goals (68) #3 Cristiano Ronaldo | Juventus | 31 goals (62) #4 Timo Werner | RB Leipzig | 28 goals (56)

Who scored 50 goals in 50 games in the NHL?

Officially, a player must score 50 goals in his team’s first 50 games of a season. That has been done eight times by five players: Maurice Richard , Mike Bossy, Wayne Gretzky (three times), Mario Lemieux and Brett Hull (twice). Hull was the last to do it, in 1990-91 and 1991-92.

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Who is the richest hockey player?


Who is the greatest hockey team of all time?

Top 10 Greatest NHL Teams 1984-85 Edmonton Oilers . 1991-92 Pittsburgh Penguins . 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens . 1987-88 Edmonton Oilers . 1986-87 Edmonton Oilers . 1997-98 Detroit Red Wings . 1982-83 New York Islanders . 1977-78 Montreal Canadiens .

Which NHL player has most Stanley Cups?

Henri Richard

Is the number 69 banned in the NHL?

The most commonly-avoided number is 69 . Only two players in NHL history have donned this risque combination. Back in the 2003-04 season, Mel Angelstad (a.k.a. “Mel the Mangler”, a.k.a. “cementhead”) wore # 69 twice for the Washington Capitals.

Why is 3 goals a hat trick?

A player gets a hat – trick when they score three goals in one game, but the use of the term actually didn’t start on the football pitch. The phrase came from cricket, and was used when a bowler took three wickets from three consecutive balls. The club would give the bowler a hat to celebrate this achievement.

Why is it called the 5 hole in hockey?

The reason for naming this location “ five ” comes from Canadian bowling, which uses 5 pins, the centermost of which is worth 5 points, and is often called the “ 5 pin”. When the 5 -pin is knocked down without hitting any other pins, it leaves a hole right in the middle, which is called a “ 5 hole ”.

Who scored 5 goals in one match?

Only 5 players have scored 5 goals in a single Barclays Premier League match: Andy Cole , Alan Shearer, Jermain Defoe, Dimitar Berbatovand now Sergio Aguero !

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Has any NHL player scored 5 goals in one game?

Mario Lemieux is the only player in history to achieve a five – goal game by scoring in five ways – in December 1988, he scored an even-strength goal , a power-play goal , a short-handed goal , a penalty shot goal and an empty net goal .

What is the most dangerous lead in hockey?

In ice hockey , statistics show that if a team builds a two-goal advantage, they go on to win the game in the majority of instances, and that a one-goal lead is far more dangerous . As a result, the cliché is often used in full knowledge that 2–0 is not in fact the worst possible lead .

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