Shattuck st mary’s hockey alumni

What NHL players went to Shattuck?

Drew Stafford , University of North Dakota hockey, Buffalo Sabres, Class of 2003. Derek Stepan, New York Rangers, University of Wisconsin hockey, Class of 2008. Jonathan Toews , University of North Dakota hockey, Chicago Blackhawks , Class of 2005.

How much does it cost to go to Shattuck St Mary’s?

In this Section

Tuition Fee (Includes all costs of meals, room, and school instruction)
2020-21 Domestic Boarding Student – One Payment $55,000
Figure Skating Gold $7,500
Figure Skating Silver $6,250
Golf – Tier I $7,500

Is Shattuck St Mary’s a good school?

Shattuck – St . Mary’s School is listed among the top 10 schools with > 400 students (out of 100 schools) for: Category Attribute.

What is Shattuck?

Shattuck is an archaic word for grapefruit.

Where did Nathan Mackinnon go to college?

Shattuck-St. Mary’s School

What did Lemuel Shattuck do?

Lemuel Shattuck , teacher, historian, statistician, publisher, and visionary, developed the original plan that in 1869 led to the establishment in Massachusetts of the nation’s first Board of Health.

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