Hockey player john scott

What does John Scott DO NOW?

One year after becoming the biggest story in hockey, where fans and pundits argued over whether he should be allowed to play in the All-Star Game — and resulted in the so-called John Scott Rule, which disqualifies AHL or injured players from getting voted in — Scott is now living quietly in his beautiful home five

Why was John Scott in the All Star Game?

The Canadiens had just acquired possibly the most controversial player in the NHL at the time, and were sending him straight to St. John’s . Scott was voted into the All – Star Game by an online fan vote while playing for the Arizona Coyotes as a prank that yielded some very strong pushback from the league.

Did John Scott retire?

декабрь 2016 г.

How tall is John Scott?

6 футов 8 дюймов

How old is John Scott?

62 years (November 7, 1958)

How much did John Scott make?

700,000 USD (2015)

What team does John Scott play for?

John Scott (ice hockey)

John Scott
Shot Left
Played for Minnesota Wild Chicago Blackhawks New York Rangers Buffalo Sabres San Jose Sharks Arizona Coyotes Montreal Canadiens
NHL Draft Undrafted
Playing career 2006–2016

Where does Jon Scott live?

Las Vegas

Who is Jon Scott’s wife?

Sharon Scott

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