Hockey glove sizing chart

How do I know my hockey glove size?

Finding the correct hockey glove size is as easy as measuring the distance from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger and then doubling the measurement . For example, if the measurement came out to be 7”, this player should wear a 14” hockey glove .

What is the smallest size hockey glove?

Hockey Glove Sizing Chart

Glove Size Age Player Height
8″ 4-7 3’3″ – 4’1″
9″ 6-9 3’9″ – 4’7″
10″ 8-11 4’3″ – 4’8″
11″ 9-12 4’5″ – 5′

How do you know your glove size?

Wrap a measuring tape around your dominant hand just below knuckles, excluding your thumb, and make a fist. This measurement is your ‘hand width’ glove size .

Is a size 8 glove a medium?

Medium : 8 ½ – 9½ inches. Large: 9½ – 10½ inches. Extra Large: 10½ – 11½ inches. XXL: 11½ inches and larger.

How do you size a hockey stick?

The most common rule of thumb for sizing your stick is this: When standing in your skates, the end of a stick held with the toe of the blade on the floor should fall between your chin and nose. Players fond of short sticks will have the end of stick at throat height, while long sticks might hit you at the eyebrows.

How do you size a hockey helmet?

The most accurate method is to measure the circumference of your head just above the eyebrows and over the temples. You can use a soft measuring tape or something like a string, shoelace, or anything similar that can be measured after the fact.

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What are the best hockey gloves?

6 Most Popular Hockey Gloves of 2019 Bauer Vapor 1X Lite. Few hockey gloves are as popular today as the Vapor 1X Lite gloves from Bauer . CCM HG12. Any player who values their stickhandling skills and wants to protect their paws as much as possible should consider the HG12s. CCM Tacks 4R Pro . CCM HG97. Warrior Franchise. CCM HGTK.

What size hockey shin guards do I need?


Pad Size Shin Height
14″ 13″ – 14″ 5’5″ – 5’8″
15″ 14″ – 15″ 5’7″ – 5’11”
16″ 15″ – 16″ 5’10” – 6’2″
17″ 16″ – 17″ 6’1″+

What hand do you wear a field hockey glove on?


How big is a size 10 glove?

Do You Know How to Measure Your Hand for Gloves?

US Sizes EU Sizes
6 – 7 Inches XS 152 – 178 Milimeters
8 – 9 Inches M 203 – 229 Milimeters
9 – 10 Inches L 229 – 254 Milimeters
10 – 11 Inches XL 254 – 279 Milimeters

What is the average glove size for a man?

The average length of an adult female’s hand is 6.8 inches . However, there’s more to hand size than length. How to choose gloves based on your hand size .

Hand size (the largest measurement of either length or circumference) Glove size
7.5–8 inches Small
8.5–9 inches Medium
9.5–10 inches Large
10.5–11 inches XLarge

What is a size 7 in womens gloves?

If you are left-handed, measure your left hand. Most of the Geier Gloves we sell are offered in sizes 6½ through 12, by half sizes (no size 11½). Glove Sizing.

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Measurement around Palm (inches) Glove Size Geier Mitten Size
7 7 S
8 8

Is glove size the same as shoe size?

THE SHOE METHOD Our expertise has revealed that there is usually a direct correlation between foot size and glove size . Try this handy guide which might prove to be particularly helpful when you can’t get to a tape measure or when buying a pair of gloves as a gift.

How do you size a golf glove?

A proper fitting golf glove should fit like a second skin, tight across the palm and fingers, with no loose material. You should not have extra material at the top of your fingers, if you do, you may want to size down or try a Cadet glove in your size .

How do I know what size nitrile gloves to get?

You want to measure around the knuckles of your dominant hand (above the V of your thumb). If you have a measurement of 8 inches, you would wear a size 8 glove or perhaps an 8 ½ to be safe.

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