Milwaukee admirals hockey schedule

Where do the Milwaukee Admirals play tonight?

The UW- Milwaukee Panther Arena, the Admirals home rink, is located in downtown Milwaukee at 400 W. Kilbourn Ave.

Are the Milwaukee Admirals in the NHL?

The Milwaukee Admirals are a professional ice hockey team in the American Hockey League. They have been affiliated with the NHL’s Nashville Predators since that team’s founding in 1998.

Where do the Milwaukee Admirals play hockey?

UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena

Why do the Milwaukee Admirals have a Brewers logo?

If you’ve been to an Admirals game lately, you’ve probably noticed that the Admirals sport our “ball and glove” logo on their game jerseys. That’s because the Brewers are the exclusive jersey sponsor of the team.?

Why doesn’t Milwaukee have a hockey team?

And basically, Milwaukee doesn’t have a large and enough arena and a willing owner. A willing owner is must pay for all the initiatives and take the responsibilities. For starting an NHL team , there also has no proper media coverage. The big reason is that the strong teams are very close to Wisconsin.

What is the Milwaukee Admirals mascot?

Roscoe – Admirals

Is hockey popular in Wisconsin?

Ice hockey is a popular sport in the state of Wisconsin . 90 high schools field sanctioned varsity teams competing in the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA). 8 “club” non-sanctioned Wisconsin High School Hockey teams compete in the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association.

What Milwaukee is known for?

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is perhaps best known for its famous breweries and the Major League Brewers, but there’s more to the city than beer and baseball. Milwaukee is rich in historical and cultural attractions, making it the perfect place for a weekend of exploring.

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What Admiral means?

1 archaic : the commander in chief of a navy. 2a : flag officer. b : a commissioned officer in the navy or coast guard who ranks above a vice admiral and whose insignia is four stars — compare general. 3 archaic : flagship.

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