Hockey goalie pad sizing

What does the plus 1 mean on goalie pads?

The + 1 sizing system is standard for leg pads , meaning that “+ 1 ” is an extra inch added to the top of the leg pad . This addition helps goalies with their butterfly position as well as with their five-hole coverage. Some goal pads come with a +2” sizing system, which is more common with high level, experienced goalies .

How long do goalie pads last?

In my opinion, if you know you are not going to buy another pad for 5-10 years then go pro. If you are a once a week beer leaguer, then a senior pad is more than adequate for what you are doing.

What size goalie pants should I wear?

To size for goal pants add 8″ to your actual waist size . If you like big fitting pant , add 10″. Pants should cover all areas while still giving the goaltender protection and mobility.

How do you get goalie pads to sit higher?

Note the complete lack of straps on the outside of the knee. High calf tension and little boot tension or Lundy strapping are the keys to pads sit higher on the leg .

How do I know what size pad to wear?

For example, if you wear a medium and have light flow, we recommend Size 1. But if you have heavy flow, we recommend Size 3. For extra night protection you can use Size 4. The better the fit, the better it protects.

Do hockey goalies catch with their dominant hand?

Only seven NHL goalies catch with their right hand . To Tomas Vokoun, one of the lefties, the difference gives him an edge, a slight one to be sure, but an edge nonetheless. And we all know how goalies love those advantages, however small.

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Can you use street hockey goalie pads on ice?

Junior pads are around 9 or 10 inches wide, while youth/beginner pads are even narrower. Taking the pads out for a skate before you buy can help ensure that it’s the right fit. At Goalcrease, goalies can try any pad on the ice before they decide. Comfort/feel: Every goalie has different taste.

What pads do hockey goalies wear?

Goaltenders wear special leg pads to protect their legs and knees. Leg pads have evolved significantly over the years. The earliest leg pads were very similar to the cricket pads from which they were adopted.

How much does goalie equipment cost?

After all, they are wearing nearly $10,000 in gear at any given time, and Blues head equipment manager Joel Farnsworth estimated that the cost of outfitting an NHL goalie for the entirety of the season ranges from $45,000 to $55,000.

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