Best place to buy hockey tickets

Where is the best place to buy NHL tickets?


Do hockey tickets get cheaper closer to the game?

Buying last-minute NHL tickets can save you money: SeatGeek co-founder. National Hockey League playoffs have the highest ticket demand and prices, according to SeatGeek Co-founder Jack Groetzinger. Groetzinger says that following along and waiting until the day of a big playoff game can help save you money.

How can I get cheap hockey tickets?

If you live in a market where the games are usually sold out early, the team website and/or their season ticket exchange is usually the cheapest place to get tickets as teams have price control on tickets .

Who has the cheapest tickets in the NHL?

Vancouver Canucks

Why are hockey tickets so expensive?

While hockey is king in Toronto, stateside teams like the New York Rangers and Nashville Predators charge $200-$300 per ticket . Lots of factors go into ticket prices, from increases in player salaries to the demand for the ticket itself. But the NFL and NHL cater to the deep-pocketed individuals who can afford it.

How much are Stanley Cup tickets?

[NBC 2019 STANLEY CUP PLAYOFF HUB] Those prices, of course, are for seats in the upper bowl, about as high in the balcony as you can get. If you want to sit closer to the action those tickets are going for as high as $10,000 per ticket. According to TicketIQ, the average price to get in to Wednesday’s game is $3,591 .

How do I avoid Ticketmaster fees?

The best way to avoid Ticketmaster /Live Nation fees is to purchase directly from the venue box office. As a bonus you may be able to negotiate a steep discount on last minute purchases, especially if you have cash.

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What is the average NHL ticket price?

How Much Are 2019-2020 NHL Tickets. The average price for NHL Tickets on the Secondary ticket market is $135 , which is down 10% from last year. Only one team has an average price over $300 . The Maple leafs only have two regular season games where the cheapest ticket is under $100.

How much do hockey tickets usually cost?

The average ticket for an NHL game costs $94. This rate varies based on seat location, and prices are often higher for more in-demand games such as rivalries and playoff games, while events such as weeknight matchups can be more affordable.

How much are season tickets NHL?

If you’re keen to see as many games as possible then a season ticket can save you some money. That said, the cost varies wildly from $500 to $5k depending on the team and ticket type. For some teams, a season ticket isn’t really affordable to the average income fan.

How much are Bruins tickets?

How Much Are 2019-20 Boston Bruins Tickets . Primary market tickets for the lower-demand games start at $69 for and run as high as $175 for the highest-demand games. The cheapest ticket for Center Ice section 1 is $225 for lower-demand games and $549 for higher-demand games.

How much are NY Rangers tickets?

Typically, Rangers tickets can be found for as low as $25.00, with an average price of $158.00.

Who is the richest hockey player ever?


What hockey team has the most expensive tickets?

The Maple Leafs , Rangers , Nashville Predators, Golden Knights, and Edmonton Oilers have the most expensive secondary market tickets, all teams with among the lowest quantity of tickets on the secondary market, which either means that teams like the Rangers , are trying to get fans to buy directly from them, or as is the

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What is the most expensive NHL arena?

The 10 Most Expensive NHL Arenas United Center, Chicago Blackhawks – $315.50. Bell MTS Center , Winnipeg Jets – $291. Capital One Arena, Washington Capitals – $272. TD Garden, Boston Bruins – $250. Wells Fargo Center , Philadelphia Flyers – $243. Staples Center, Los Angeles Kings – $230. Bell Centre , Montreal Canadiens – $220.

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