Who won hockey world cup 2016

When was the last World Cup of Hockey?

World Cup of Hockey Explained The World Cup of Hockey has officially been around since 1996 and is an international hockey tournament that has been played on three occasions, 1996, 2004, and 2016. Eight teams initially made up the tournament with previous winners being the United States (1996) and Canada (2006).

When was the last time Pakistan won the hockey World Cup?

To the surprise of many, hockey is the national sport of an otherwise cricket-obsessed Pakistan , which ruled the game for decades, notably from 1948 to 1984. Having won world cups in 1971, 1978, 1982 and 1994, Pakistan is the most successful and only team that has won the title four times.

Who won the World Cup in hockey 2019?

Finland won their third title by defeating Canada in the final. The Finns had 18 debutantes for the 2019 IIHF World Championship and were widely regarded as an outsider to win any medal at all.

Who won the Hockey World Cup 2014?


Which country won most hockey World Cup?


Is there a World Cup for hockey?

The World Cup of Hockey is an international ice hockey tournament. Following the 2016 tournament, it is uncertain if the series will continue, with the 2020 tournament being cancelled.

Has Pakistan ever won an Olympic medal?

Pakistan has won two individual medals in the Olympics to date, both bronze medals : one in wrestling in Rome 1960 and one in boxing in Seoul 1988. Pakistan has not won a single medal at the Olympic games since 1992 Barcelona.

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How many Olympic gold medals Pakistan hockey team won?

three gold medals

How many times Pakistan won hockey?

Pakistan is the only Asian champion, with three titles to its name including the first two in 1978 and 1980. In the women’s tournament, Argentina and the Netherlands won the trophy seven times . Australia have won the trophy six times , while Germany, China and South Korea have won it one time each.

How many times has Canada won the World Cup of Hockey?

It was sanctioned by the International Ice Hockey Federation, Hockey Canada and the National Hockey League. Canada won the tournament four times , while the Soviet Union captured the championship once. It was succeeded by the World Cup of Hockey in 1996.

Who won Canada vs Finland?

Finland results: Canadians will play for gold after blanking Finns in 2020 World Juniors semifinal. With the demons of last year’s quarterfinal loss to the Finns hanging over their heads, this year’s Canadian squad quickly put that disappointing game behind them — and in commanding fashion — with a 5-0 win over Finland

Which country will host next hockey World Cup?


Who won the Hockey World Cup 2010?


Who is the current captain of Indian hockey team?

Manpreet Singh

Who won 2018 World Cup?


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