Who is johnny hockey

Why do they call him Johnny hockey?

2. Johnny Manziel Inspired Nickname. In college and into his NHL career, fans referred to Gaudreau as “ Johnny Hockey ”. As the story goes, the nickname was created as a fun spinoff of former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel’s nickname.

How old is Johnny hockey?

27 лет ()

What college did Johnny Gaudreau go to?

Бостонский колледж

When did Johnny Gaudreau get drafted?

2009 г.

Does Johnny Gaudreau have a brother?

Matthew Gaudreau

How much does Johnny Gaudreau weigh?

150 lbs

How tall is Johnny Gaudreau Really?

5′ 9″

What nationality is Gaudreau?


What number is Johnny Gaudreau?

13 Calgary Flames / Left wing

Who is the youngest player on the Calgary Flames?

John Michael “Johnny” Gaudreau (born August 13, 1993) is an American professional ice hockey winger for the Calgary Flames of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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